Our journey began in 2013 when I learned that my father had been diagnosed with two different forms of Cancer. Being that I knew nothing of the medical industry at the time, I felt like there was little that I could personally do to remedy the situation other than to play an emotionally supportive role for both my father and the rest of my family. However, after doing some extensive research on the correlation between cancer and the positive effects of an alkaline diet, it became clear that I may be able to do more for him — I could help him eat as healthy as possible.

Since most vegetables are actually alkaline foods, we started by juicing fresh vegetables on a daily basis. We also started drinking alkaline water regularly, but quickly found ourselves adding different assortments of tea to the mix in order to give the water some flavor. By adding tea, we found that we naturally consumed more water, which was one of our main goals in the first place — to stay hydrated.

Nowadays, my father is in remission from both forms of cancer, and I personally feel better than I can ever remember. It’s absolutely my goal to share this feeling with others, which is why I developed TISANE, a completely organic line of tasty alkaline teas. After going through this experience with my family, I can genuinely say that there’s nothing more important in this world than health. I hope that you enjoy our teas, and even more, I hope you enjoy the way they make you feel.

Stay Healthy,

Founder & CEO


We donate a portion of our profits toward cancer research.

Giving Back


We extremely proud to say that we donate a portion of our profits back to cancer research, in an effort to find cures for the same cancers that inspired the creation of the brand in the first place. It's our way of making the company come full circle — it's our way of fighting back.


To help people experience a better, more authentic, and more fulfilling life by offering them some of the healthiest beverages in the market. #LiveFree #pHBalanced


To active, fit, and health conscious people, TISANE TEAS are the some of the best ready-to-drink teas you can buy because they embody the most premium, organic, highly alkaline, and antioxidant rich ingredients, which have been infused to create superior tasting slightly-sweet functional beverages that have fewer grams of sugar and lower calorie counts than any other teas in the world.